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Deke's Fuel, LLC

1 Old Dover Rd., Ste.12

Rochester, NH 03867

Call: (603) 552-9925

or Text: (603) 505-4336


Need a reliable currier service? Give Deke’s a try.

If you have critical packages or documents that need to be delivered ASAP, call Deke’s. We can pick-up and deliver your parcel throughout New England and beyond. In most cases on the same day. Let us know how we can help.

Local Delivery: If you are near Rochester NH, we will pick-up and deliver your parcel up to ten (10) miles from the pick-up address for a fixed fee of $5.00 (20-lb limit*).

Regional Delivery: If you are near Rochester NH and your package needs to be delivered up to twenty-five (25) miles from the pick-up address, the fixed fee will be $10.00 (20-lb limit*).

Regular Delivery: Within New England, we will pick-up and deliver your parcel for a fee based on the one-way mileage from the pick-up address to the delivery address. This mileage will be calculated using current map engines readily available online. The fee rate is as follows:

26 to 99 miles: $10.00 plus $1.00 per mile over 25 miles.

100 to 149 miles: $1.00 per mile.

150 to 250 miles: $150.00 plus $.75 per mile in excess of 150 miles.

The Great Beyond: More than 250 miles will be quoted as the need arises.

NOTE: * – heavier items are allowed for an extra fee. There are size restrictions (our delivery vehicle is only so big). If it is bigger than a laundry basket, we need to evaluate the delivery beforehand.