The discounted price for premium heating oil is: $2.449 per gallon. See the "Promotions" page for details.


Deke's Fuel, LLC

1 Old Dover Rd., Ste.12

Rochester, NH 03867

Call: (603) 552-9925

or Text: (603) 505-4336


We appreciate your business. To show our appreciation, take advantage of extra savings!

Use our new text communication number (603-505-4336) and receive $.05 off per gallon on your first order.

For the remainder of the 2019 Summer season, enjoy the following discounted pricing:

50 to 74 gallons: $2.599 per gallon.

75 to 99 gallons: $2.549 per gallon.

100 to 199 gallons: $2.499 per gallon.

200 to 299 gallons: $2.449 per gallon.

Need more oil than that? Contact us and we’ll give you a quote that will make your day!

As always, we try to help our aging customers by offering a discount for households with individuals that are 55 years of age or older.

We also honor the people that have made sacrifices to protect our country with a veteran’s discount.

Plus, we thank the first responders for their dedication to helping our communities by offering them a discount as well.